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Massage Cleaning Protocol

LMTs Responsibilities:

  • Wear Masks (2 masks/hang under UV lights and switch between clients)
  • Gloves (by client request)
  • Surfaces to be disinfected before/after each client (wearing gloves):
    • Head Rest
    • Bed
    • Door Knobs
    • Client changing chair arms
    • Clothing hooks
  • Surfaces to be cleaned before/after shift (wearing gloves):
    • Aromatherapy Diffusers
    • Stone Warmers
    • Fan
    • Light Switch(es)
  • No Bed Warmers 

Client Protocol

  • Clients must wear mask when entering the building
  • Use hand sanitizer at front entranceway
  • Check in at front desk and have temperature checked
    • If temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees, must reschedule (no late charge)
  • Pay for massage at check in
  • Wear mask until ready for massage table
    • ​Mask is required when being massaged face up
  • After massage/redressing, open massage room door
    • LMTs bring client water and 
    • Offer to schedule next visit
  • Replace mask and use hand sanitizer before exiting massage room

General Building and Entry Protocol

While we are following all CDC guidelines for operating a business with social distancing and cleaning protocols, please know that coming to our facility to receive services of any type, are at your own risk.

  • You should not come to WHF if you:
    • are feeling sick,
    • you have a sick family member at home,
    • record a temperature of 99.5 degrees or more
  • In addition, if you have come in contact with anyone who is sick or who has been diagnosed with Covid-19, you may not enter our facility for 14-days since the last contact.

  • Clients must wear mask when entering the building
  • Signs will be placed on the front door instructing clients to:
    • Wear a mask 
    • Use hand sanitizer at front entranceway
    • Proceed to front desk for a temperature check
  • Front desk staff, wearing mask, uses temperature gun 
    • If temperature exceeds 99.5 degrees, client must exit building to car
    • Front desk will notify business/owner that client exceeded acceptable temperature 
    • Business/Owner will contact/reschedule client
    • Front desk will only reschedule massage, chiropractic and personal training clients. 
    • All clients receiving services for the first time since reopening will be given a Covid-19 waiver to sign