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Donna polito

licensed massage therapist

Donna began her healing career as a personal trainer and obtained her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from West Chester University. An athlete her whole life, fitness was her passion from an early age, inspiring her to help and educate people how to acquire and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As she puts it, “You are only given one body; treat it right!” As a personal trainer, her clients were seeing great results in their fitness goals. However, many of them would come to her a few days later, expressing muscle soreness and wanting to know what they could do to relieve this other than stretching.
Donna remembered how as a two-sport collegiate athlete (field hockey/softball) she first turned to massage to help her body prepare and recuperate before and after her games. Consequently, she decided to turn to massage herself to help her clients live pain-free lives. Donna feels that “this is by far the best decision I have ever made”. Donna now enjoys teaching young athletes the importance of taking care of their bodies and the benefits massage has on their performance.

Donna’s approach to massage is both intuitive and clinical. With a gentle yet deep touch, she specializes in techniques such as deep tissue, corrective massage, sports massage, Swedish massage and myofascial release to develop, maintain and rehabilitate the physical function of the body. In an age of technical and, at times, impersonal medicine, Donna believes that massage offers a drug-free, non-invasive and humanistic approach based on the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Massage Types Performed: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Cupping, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone, Thermo Therapy, AromaTouch Technique

Add on to massage therapy offered: (Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy)

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Maxine Schrack

Licensed Massage Therapist

Newtown Massage and Spa

Massage Therapists

Meredith Augustin

Licensed Massage Therapist

Meredith was originally drawn to massage as a means to relieve people’s suffering. While working as a medical assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant, she realized that drugs aren’t always the answer, and began massaging her patients’ hands, heads and backs. With her intuitive and compassionate gift, she was able to impart relaxation and pain relief. What Meredith likes most about massage is the opportunity to work with different clients, the chance to become a better healer, the spiritual connection, the trust her clients place in her and the joy she experiences in working with them. In addition, she has found that healing others is often a two-way healing process – in giving she also receives, which is what makes this such an enriching career for her. As she puts it, “11 years later, here I am: an LMT, and loving every bit of it!” During her years as an LMT, Meredith has learned to come to peace, be a good listener, be kind and tune in to the body and listen to the muscles. She sees each client as an individual, and because of this she never stops learning. She is honored when clients partner with her on their road to healing. Meredith offers a wide range of modalities, including deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, hydrotherapy, prenatal massage, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release and sciatic relief. Looking forward, she is excited to gain training in other modalities such as cupping, Thai massage and more.​

​Massage Types Performed: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy, Hot Stone, Thermo Therapy,  AromaTouch Technique

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Tom Szelagowski 

Licensed Massage Therapist

Tom’s motto is ‘Be Excellent to Each Other’. It is Tom’s commitment to make his client’s world a better place by helping you to unwind, alleviate stress, improve function and to Just..Feel..Better.

Tom became interested in holistic body work over 30 years ago, having been inspired by a high school counselor who taught him that ‘we hold our issues in our tissues’. After training at the Center for Human Integration and the Bensalem Natural Health Center, he earned certification in 1992 and has since become licensed in PA and NJ. Tom is also a Certified Yoga/Meditation Instructor and teaches Anatomy and Physiology at the Lansdale School of Business.

Tom offers a holistic, customized massage, combining various modalities to meet your needs (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Thai, Reflexology, Stretching, Cupping, Hot Stone, MFR). Recognizing the mind/body connection, he brings more than massage skills to the table. Tom has the patience to spend an entire session on your hands if necessary. His uplifting demeanor exudes empathy and compassion and humor. He will always brighten your day.

Employing an integrative mix of appropriate modalities, Tom has helped alleviate sciatica, plantar fasciitis, meralgia, neck, knee, and back pain, thoracic outlet and carpal tunnel syndromes as well as routine/chronic aches and pains. He has also made clients so comfortable and relaxed that they have dozed off. Our session may focus on a particularly troublesome area or may be a soothing, unwinding full body session. The choice is yours.

Massage Types Performed: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Sports, Cupping

​Add on to massage therapy offered: (Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Stretching)


Toni Allen

Licensed Massage Therapist

Toni first got interested in massage therapy after a car accident, it was one of the few treatments she was allowed to do that she enjoyed. It allowed her to get out of her own head and feel relief from pains that otherwise felt unending. Though it was many years later that she decided to become a licensed massage therapist, it was always in the back of her mind as a position that she respected highly due to the compassion she encountered with her own experiences. It’s been her goal to be that person who listens to clients and helps them to feel better, helps them relax, and helps them in whatever way she can. Toni cares deeply in making sure someone feels listened to and respected during a session. She always wants to leave someone feeling better than when they arrived. When Toni is not massaging, you’ll likely find her reading with hot tea, hiking, kayaking, or visiting her cabin to enjoy some peace in nature. She believes life is so beautiful when you open your eyes and mind to it. There are so many ways to find peace and relaxation, but she is certainly happy if you decide to take the time to allow her to help in the process. 

Massage Types Performed: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone

In her early teens, a relative of Maxine was involved in a car accident. She quickly saw how massage became a vital part of this person’s rehabilitation treatment. This led Maxine to become fascinated by the health benefits of massage and how it can truly transform a person’s capabilities, increase range of motion, decrease pain, and impart calmness, relaxation and a positive mindset for a happier, healthier life. Maxine is intrigued by how the body’s systems are connected and the infinite number of modalities she can learn to improve clients’ lives. One important lesson Maxine has learned from massage is being humble enough to know you are doing the right thing, yet encouraged to continually learn.

Maxine graduated with high honors in Anatomy and Physiology from Cortiva in 2010. Since this time, she has mostly practiced alongside a physical therapist, treating clients with a variety of conditions, including but not limited to frozen shoulder, sciatica pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia and injuries due to car accidents. Maxine’s technique is based on your body’s needs. Typically, she applies medium to firm pressure, focusing on muscular or anatomical needs, followed by stretching (passive range of motion). Maxine customizes her massages by using trigger point therapy, localized hot stones or cupping to alleviate muscle tension and perform myofascial release

Massage Types Performed: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Cupping, Hot Stone, AromaTouch Technique

Add on to massage therapy offered:

Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release

​​Angelis Cumba

Licensed Massage Therapist

Angelis has been practicing massage therapy for 21 years and focuses on a wide variety of issues. She realized at a young age that she enjoyed working with people and taking care of those in need of massages. Her focus then became on helping people with injuries, pain management and range of motion using a holistic approach. Her goal was to assist people reach their health and healing goals inside and out. As a massage therapist, Angelis uses a variety of techniques including swedish, deep tissue, warm stone, cupping, prenatal and light stretching. She believes in what she does and self-care. Angelis enjoys learning and continues to develop her skills to better help serve the community and her repeated clients.

Massage Types Performed: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Cupping

Donna Polito LMT Newtown Massage and Spa

Jennifer Kada

Licensed Massage Therapist

Since at a young age Jennifer had a strong desire to help others, to be kind, and do what she could to make things better. After college she worked as an executive assistant at the American Red Cross. While there she began to experience low back pain. After 2 years of being under doctor care she was told that she was in worse shape than when she had started. Due to this she decided to look elsewhere for a solution. Her healing journey wasn’t always easy and had many bumps in the road. However, to her it was worth it because she discovered massage, other healing techniques, and the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. Jennifer knew she wanted to help others who were suffering and experiencing chronic pain. She knows that there is no such thing as a quick fix pill, but believes massage definitely is the closest thing and she is doing what she can to help others feel better.

Massage Types Performed: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports

Add on to massage therapy offered: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy