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Lura J:
Without a doubt, the best massage I ever had! Donna has amazing and healing hands! I carry a lot of stress due to my job and am very active so my muscles are always very tight and tense. She was able to relieve the tension and relax the muscles with ease. She also has a kinesiology and personal training background so she with her knowledge of the body and how it works she was able to provide me with stretches to target those tight areas. I will definitely be a recurring client and highly recommend Donna as your therapist!

Tami H:
I just had the BEST deep tissue massage by Sarah!!!! She was awesome!!!  She was very knowledgeable, and is a great massage therapist.

Denise R:
Joanne was very attentive and receptive to my requests. I had a great massage along with some wonderful stretching.

Dolores T.
Meredith was perfect for massage. Really. I believe in Massage Therapy for health reasons. My Massage Therapist of 20 years recently retired. Meredith used the right pressure, found every knot without me saying a word, and I left without the headache I had when I walked in. What I really liked is that she massaged the feet, hands, front legs, head and face. I noticed while trying a couple places that not everyone does these spots. She even found time to concentrate on my upper back. Truly a great massage therapist. 

David D.

Alex is phenomenal if you're looking for the treatment-type of massage. He finds the trouble spots and works them out with finesse.

Dave S:
I think the difference between a regular massage, which was very good, and what I’m getting now is that ashiatsu is deeper and the feet are able to get into spots that my therapist couldn’t before. It’s very good for deep tissue massage and I feel like it’s benefited me a lot. My lower back, my calves and the muscles in my legs have better mobility and hurt less. I think it’s made a big difference in my physical wellbeing. It’s something I look forward to because I do feel better when I come out of my 1-hour treatment, so I will continue to get it and would recommend this massage to anyone.

Michelle K:
I had a wonderful ashiatsu massage by Joanne at Wrightstown Health and Fitness.  I wasn't sure what to expect with someone using their feet instead of their hands to loosen my muscles.  It turned out to be a very relaxing massage.  I was so relaxed I didn't really pay attention to how Joanne did it!  I had been afraid that it would be too heavy -- someone "walking" on my back?!  But it was not at all.  I would certainly recommend this type of massage to anyone willing to try something new.

Mary Pat S:
Sarah did an amazing deep tissue massage. Very knowledgeable and accommodating. She always inquired about the pressure and my comfort. 

Stacy A:
I was excited to try ashiatsu massage. I’ve had deep tissue massages in the past and afterwards you sometimes feel sore, beat up and tired. I heard that this was a little different, so I did try it and what a difference! It’s pretty much like having a deep tissue massage, but there’s no pain. I felt great when I was done. The foot pressure felt balanced all over, so it definitely helped with my sciatica, which is why I want to have it again and more often because it definitely helped my back, my hips and my legs. I was a little nervous because I’d never had anyone walk on me before. But once you get over that and you relax, it’s just a great experience. The benefit for me is that it made me feel really good. I didn’t need any Advil, I didn’t have to drink a gallon of water afterwards and I’m looking forward to having another one.

Maryann B.
I really enjoyed my full body massage with Meredith! She was great and the whole zen experience was so relaxing and therapeutic!

April D:

Donna was wonderful, best massage I've had!

Nicole M, LMT:
Sarah is an amazing bodywork practitioner who is very intuitive, mindful and present.  She’s also not afraid to work on your most stubborn knots and areas of chronic pain with her controlled strength and skill. I never felt like she was massaging me with her feet, it felt great. I look forward to getting another ashiatsu treatment in the near future.
Like deep tissue, ashiatsu allows the practitioner to apply a good amount of pressure to get into the underlying layers of muscle. Unlike deep tissue, the bars above the table allow the practitioner more pressure by standing on the table while holding onto the bars and pressing with leg strength - some of the strongest muscles in the body - instead of leaning over the table, potentially harming the practitioner from poor body mechanics.

Stacey K, LMT:
I had a great ashiatsu massage with Sarah. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I never had this type of massage and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have a problem with my hip and she was able to work very deep where I needed it to relieve the pain in that area.  It was also relaxing because she does scalp massage with her hands first while sitting. I always love that part and I was surprised when she did even my hands with her feet! The pressure was perfect for me because my body needs really deep work because I have a lot of old injuries. Thanks Sarah!

Charles G:
Ashiatsu is better at targeting specific trigger points, and deeper than shiatsu where you use your hands.  It enables the therapist to truly get at problematic sites like my rhomboids and lower back. I would alternate ashiatsu sessions with deep tissue since I believe they complement each other. My goal would be to get the ashiatsu sessions between or after two deep tissue sessions with a massage therapist. I highly recommend the 60- or 90-minute ashiatsu sessions at Newtown Massage and Spa.  The massage rooms are nicely decorated and designed and the massage tables are very comfortable.

Amy G:
I cannot recommend Sarah Downing and Wrightstown Health and Fitness highly enough.  The staff is friendly and helpful, and Sarah is the consummate professional. I have been seeing Sarah for deep tissue, Thai and ashiatsu massage.  Sarah is both talented and intuitive, and has a strong yet sensitive touch.  The ashiatsu massage was new for me, and the movements and use of varied techniques with the feet left me feeling calm and more flexible.  I am challenged with some degenerative arthritis, and each time I receive Sarah's bodywork I walk out feeling lighter and more comfortable overall. I would not hesitate to see anyone on the massage team were Sarah unavailable.

John S, LMT:
As a former teacher of massage technique and current practitioner of massage therapy I find it difficult to get a decent massage. It is very difficult to impress me with body work of any kind, but I have to say I am consistently blown away whenever I stop at Wrightstown Health and Fitness! Sarah is amazingly knowledgeable and she intuitively delivers the correct pressure to my tired and achy muscles. I've been getting massages with Sarah for the last 2 years 2 times a month, and I honestly could not do what I do with my clients if I had not met Sarah. Thank you Sarah for keeping me healthy!! I'll see you on Tuesday...

Devin E:
Wrightstown Health and Fitness is the place to go, hands down. The atmosphere at the WHF is comforting, inviting, and you can sense the people working there are in high spirits and passionate about their roles there.  I had a massage, a very much needed massage. Sarah Downing worked her magic and I left feeling more refreshed than I ever had.  The unique combo of deep tissue and Thai massage was FANTASTIC!  I felt my muscles relaxing as well as getting a great stretch!  They were very accommodating, and made sure the setting was just as I preferred – they even have a sheet to fill out to choose your lighting, scent, temp etc. Bonus, the prices are hard to beat!! What more could you ask for?  I would highly recommend this facility and everything they have to offer!

Gennine U:

Sarah Downing is by far the BEST massage therapist in the area & beyond! Rich and I highly recommend Sarah & Newtown Massage & Spa.

Barbara D:
Excellent massage by Sarah!

Chris G:

The massage at Newtown Massage and Spa is very personal and customized to my needs. My therapist, Joanne, is extremely friendly and I enjoy spending time with her. Everyone who works here goes above and beyond, and their skills are truly impressive because they think outside of the box. Joanne and my trainer, Christian, combine their knowledge to devise multiple approaches and a routine tailored to my specific issues. Joanne stretches and loosens my muscles, so that afterwards I get a more effective workout with Christian. I am in a wheelchair due to a neurological illness. When I first came here, I was unable to hold my feet up, but due to the combined effort of my practitioners I now have improved mobility and strength and can raise my feet and hold them up, which is huge progress for me, and motivates me to keep coming.

I love the atmosphere at Wrightstown Health and Fitness. It doesn’t feel like a business, but has more of a family feel. Twice a week, I come in for a massage followed by personal training. It is one of the highlights of my week, and makes me feel happy. I really would recommend everything about this place. Not only are the staff highly knowledgeable, but their interactions are friendly and caring and you really feel like you can be yourself, no matter how crazy or goofy you are. Nobody judges anyone and everybody talks with each other as an equal.

Carol G:
I love the warm and friendly family atmosphere of Wrightstown Health and Fitness, where Newtown Massage and Spa is located. The massage rooms offer calm and secluded relaxation. I enjoy the personal rapport I have with my massage therapist, Sarah, and the consistency of working with someone who knows me and my body’s trigger points is very important. Sarah and my trainer, Christian, work together to devise a program that works specifically for me.

Lindsay D:

The massage services at Newtown Massage and Spa are truly excellent. It is located in the Wrightstown Health and Fitness building, just outside of Newtown, PA. The two massages I’ve had from my massage therapist, Sarah, were the best I’ve ever had. Each time I saw her for a specific problem with my neck or back, and left amazed at how much better I felt – the difference was like night and day! Like everyone working here, Sarah has very positive energy, which is refreshing when you are feeling down and in pain because her treatments lift you up both physically and emotionally.

Alexa D:
Newtown Massage and Spa, located in the Wrightstown Health and Fitness building, is truly amazing! I had a 60-minute deep tissue massage with my massage therapist, Sarah, and it was easily the best massage I have ever had. I have had numerous massages from other spas and they don't even compare! I work out 5-6 days a week at WHF and Sarah made my sore muscles feel like new! You really do feel like a new person after just 60 minutes. She takes time to address any issues or trouble spots and really customizes the experience for your needs. Anyone looking for a high-quality and effective massage, Newtown Massage and Spa is the way to go!

Mark V:
Just had a great massage from Sarah. Couldn't ask for a better massage!!!!! Will be back.

Tami H:
I was new to the art of ashiatsu massage. This technique uses pressure applied by the therapist’s bare feet, and was great at relieving tension and tight muscles in my back and gluteal region. I felt like she was able to work deeper within the muscles with the controlled pressure of her feet. I prefer this technique since she was also able to massage using longer strokes laterally as she glided her feet up and down my entire back and legs. I would definitely recommend ashiatsu to anyone that is searching for a deep tissue massage particularly concentrating on the back and leg regions.