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Lura J:
Without a doubt, the best massage I ever had! Donna has amazing and healing hands! I carry a lot of stress due to my job and am very active so my muscles are always very tight and tense. She was able to relieve the tension and relax the muscles with ease. She also has a kinesiology and personal training background so she with her knowledge of the body and how it works she was able to provide me with stretches to target those tight areas. I will definitely be a recurring client and highly recommend Donna as your therapist!

Dolores T.
Meredith was perfect for massage. Really. I believe in Massage Therapy for health reasons. My Massage Therapist of 20 years recently retired. Meredith used the right pressure, found every knot without me saying a word, and I left without the headache I had when I walked in. What I really liked is that she massaged the feet, hands, front legs, head and face. I noticed while trying a couple places that not everyone does these spots. She even found time to concentrate on my upper back. Truly a great massage therapist. 

David D.

Alex is phenomenal if you're looking for the treatment-type of massage. He finds the trouble spots and works them out with finesse.

Judy M.

Best massage I've had in years! Maxine did an amazing job, she describes herself as detail oriented, and she was, she found and worked out knots I think I must have had for ages. Highly recommend!

Amanda P:
I went here yesterday for the first time. Donna was the best! I had a hot stone massage and it was the most amazing experience. She was professional and kind and I felt wonderful afterward.

Shannon S.
Maxine is phenomenal! Such a relaxing experience!

Bidisha H.

I received the best massage ever from Meredith. My back and upper body is very stiff and she identified all the knots and worked on them with firm pressure. Lot of my pain is now relieved although it would take more sessions. The massage room is very nice and the oil used was soothing. Will definitely go back.

Thomas M.

Alex gave me the strongest massage I have ever had. I will certainly go back again.

Renee L:
Super friendly staff, calming environment and fabulous manual lymphatic drainage massage

Deborah C:
One of the best massages I have had in a long time! Tranquil room, Meredith was awesome--just what I needed

Jill M:
Of all the massages I've had, this was the best! The therapist was skilled and my body felt relaxed and light when I left. Everyone working there is friendly and helpful. You can really feel at ease at Newtown Massage and Spa!

Scott G:
The staff at Newtown massage and spa is extremely friendly and very professional I would personally recommend anyone wanting to feel better to come in right away for a great massage!

Maryann B.
I really enjoyed my full body massage with Meredith! She was great and the whole zen experience was so relaxing and therapeutic!

April D:

Donna was wonderful, best massage I've had!